Thursday, January 8, 2015

don't take this as a sign or anything.

so after semi-woefully realizing that the last time i blogged was LAST YEAR, i am making a half-hearted attempt to post something.

although heads-up, getting back into blogging was not one of my new year's resolutions. but, i feel like when you getting married and stuff, you should probably at least post a picture or something.

SO HERE YOU GO. i got married! in october. it was grand, and continues to be so.

anyway, since i got married i've been pretty busy cooking, and cleaning, and ironing shirts and stuff, so it's hard to have time to blog. HA, JUST KIDDING. i make connor do all that stuff. 

this new lifestyle, however, has afforded some cartoon opportunities, which i usually take advantage of illustrating during sunday school. here is one of an actual conversation that took place whilst i tried to fall asleep: 
our sleeping schedules are not always aligned. aka connor needs about 4 hours of sleep a night, and i need 13. MARRIAGE IS HARD, YOU GUYS. 

just kidding, i like it pretty good. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

ode to my dad

guys, today is my dad's birthday. 

well, tomorrow is my dad's birthday in america. but today is the day in the philippines, and since that is where he lives, that is what counts. 

paul hansen is really the best. he's the guy that taught me the importance of passenger safety in a car by always doing a random seatbelt check on road trips. these seat belt checks consisted of him waiting until everyone in the car was asleep or totally zoned out, then slamming on the breaks while screaming bloody murder and yelling "SEATBELT CHECK!!" us hansen children have never messed around with buckling up. 

he's the guy that goes out on december 23rd and buys a bunch of surprise christmas presents, despite my mom's protestations that she has ALREADY GOTTEN EVERYTHING ON THE LIST, HONEY. he's also the guy that secretly pays for peoples' meals at restaurants and then leaves before they even know what happened. 

he's the cute dad that asked me to dance at my cousin's wedding, even though they really should have just left me home locked in a closet or something because i had chosen that day to cut my own bangs and ended up looking like this: 

he's just a good guy. so dad, here's what we would do if you were here:

1. get up in the morning, hop in the jeep. go get a breakfast burrito.
2. eat it on the way to some out in the middle of nowhere location in the desert.
3. geocache all day, going through treacherous passes where mom gets nervous at least 4 times and you really put ruby to the test. i promise not to get car sick and ruin everything.
4. come back, probably take a nap.
5. wake up, go eat red robin. or some really good italian food. i don't know, you pick. it's your birthday, after all. 
6. come back, have some hot fudge pudding cake, and then watch that star trek movie that came out about a week after you went into the MTC. 

does that sound like an ok plan? let me know, and we can use it for 2015. i love you, dad, and i sure am glad you were born. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

just your typical saturday night here, guys.

some grubbin'

and some groovin'

take it from me, it's almost always a good idea to do zumba right after eating a cheeseburger. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


do you ever do this? you are eating food, like say, leftover cheesy breadsticks. hypothetically, of course.
you are enjoying said cheesy bread, and you get to the last bite of one. sink your teeth into it.

and it is not good.
probably because it is 2 days old and has been microwaved, but that is besides the point. you think to yourself, "i have a whole other cheesy breadstick waiting for me. do i really want to waste my stomach space and jaw energy chewing this unsatisfactory last bite, when i could just move on to the next one??" so you kind of just stop mid-bite, take it out of your mouth, and...

so you're telling me you don't ever do this.

gross, me neither.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 according to my phone

although it's not all-inclusive of all the things that happened this year, it's a pretty good snapshot.

you were a good one, 2013.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


we did a class play about hercules, guys. it was the best. they loved it so much!!!
they made the set.
this tree was hard. you have no idea how complicated it is to get your hands on a refrigerator box.
i made (and played) with their costumes.
i also got very good at whipping a toga together with a queen-sized sheet on a 3 foot body. (the second class here all destroyed my fine handy work before we could get the picture. ungrateful children...)
these kids are just the best.

beep bop boop!

remember how my computer decided to die a few months ago? well, in a recent slew of events involving apple trying to ruin my life, i decided to tempt fate by poking the power button on my computer. you know, just to see.
(seriously. i have no idea how this is possible.)
god bless us, every one!!!

look forward to more stuff like this:
check and check. merry christmas, sweetheart.
(it looks waaaay better when you squint your eyes a little bit.)