Thursday, January 8, 2015

don't take this as a sign or anything.

so after semi-woefully realizing that the last time i blogged was LAST YEAR, i am making a half-hearted attempt to post something.

although heads-up, getting back into blogging was not one of my new year's resolutions. but, i feel like when you getting married and stuff, you should probably at least post a picture or something.

SO HERE YOU GO. i got married! in october. it was grand, and continues to be so.

anyway, since i got married i've been pretty busy cooking, and cleaning, and ironing shirts and stuff, so it's hard to have time to blog. HA, JUST KIDDING. i make connor do all that stuff. 

this new lifestyle, however, has afforded some cartoon opportunities, which i usually take advantage of illustrating during sunday school. here is one of an actual conversation that took place whilst i tried to fall asleep: 
our sleeping schedules are not always aligned. aka connor needs about 4 hours of sleep a night, and i need 13. MARRIAGE IS HARD, YOU GUYS. 

just kidding, i like it pretty good. 

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